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3 friends..

Phatfour was founded in September 2018 by Pieter van Beusekom, Mels van Hoolwerff & Daan Valk. Three friends from Amsterdam with a shared passion for vehicles, craftsmanship & design. They started out in their own garage where they built caferacers from old motorbikes. Now they are creating a new unconventional ebike, partnered with a Dutch production company full of craftsmen.

Despite the fact that some new electric (foreign) models appeared on the market, no model appealed to them. They were, however, inspired by the story of Simplex, in particular a beautiful Dutch motorcycle with pedals from 1906. A raw & robust Dutch design with wide tires. Far ahead of its time.

Mels, Daan and Pieter complement each other perfectly. Technical, commercial and operational in one garage. Together they came up with the plan to produce a modern and truly different ebike that fits the standards of today. With the first prototype in hand, the guys tracked down the relatives of the founders of Simplex. There, the founders and the ebike were warmly welcomed, moreover, they got a glimpse into the rich history of Simplex motorcycles and bicycles.

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The e-bike

Phatfour's e-bike is inspired by Simplex. In particular the model built in 1906. A motorcycle that could also be cycled. Simplex was a Dutch artisanal steel processing company that, among other things, produced cars, bicycles and motorcycles. Characterized by the raw design and progressive technology, the Simplex was unique in its time.

This also applies to Phatfour's e-bike. A raw look with contemporary technology. Built from high-quality Dutch steel from Tatasteel, processed with the most modern bending machines and welded by Dutch craftsmen.

With the Bafang 250 Watt rear-wheel motor you are the first to reach it traffic light and with its 470Wh or optional 630Wh battery you can go for miles scour the city. There are also a few nice options for you developed that make life just a little bit more enjoyable for you.

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The three founders already had their own dream garage. This creative place served well for the production of the first series of Phatfour's e-bike, moreover, the first series was enough to convince a renowned metal bending & welding specialist to partner up with Phatfour. Protecting and improving the Dutch quality standards. The end result is sublime and is received with great enthusiasm.

The enthusiasm is based on the fact that it is completely designed and built in the Netherlands. Full Dutch craftsmanship. That makes it unique.

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